Aragon 2007


  • 7-channel amplifier
  • High output
  • Machined aluminum front panel available in black and silver

Manual: English Manual

Detailed description

The 2000 Series THX® Ultra2-Certified amplifiers from Aragon bring powerful, dynamic, high-end performance to the masses at substantially lower pricing. The 2000 Series amplifiers will deliver 200 watts into 8 ohms and 300 watts into 4 ohms for effortless performance from nearly any loudspeaker systems. All three amplifiers in this series adhere to Mondial Designs' classic minimalist approach and THX® Ultra2 specifications, which together ensure the highest level of premium performance and product reliability.

Most amplifiers on the market today are overly complex and require rows of integrated circuits (IC's) for protection circuitry, control loops and signal buffering. This has a negative impact on sound reproduction. The 2007 is a 7-channel amplifier that achieves its high output using the fewest active components possible for a more dynamic, more powerful and more detailed performance. The minimalist approach of our design results not only in better sound, but in amplifiers that consistently rate among the most reliable available at any price.

When it comes to music systems, most high-end two-channel amplifiers typically employ dual mono power supply configurations. In other words, each channel operates as its own entity and only has as much output available as its power supply can provide. (The demands of stereo music are such that you would rarely find one channel needing much more output than the other.) In today's multi-channel theater and music systems, the power supply requirements are quite different. The dynamics of modern digital soundtracks can demand huge amounts of power from different channels at different times. One way to provide for that would be to use multiple large power supplies, but that results in additional cost, size and weight. The 2000 Series amplifiers feature a single power supply design that we call SmartPower™. In this configuration, a channel could provide substantially more than its rated output for short periods of time by getting more energy from the power supply while the other channels aren't demanding as much. SmartPower™ enables the amplifier to perform at optimal levels in high-end two-channel audio environments as well as in the most demanding home theater applications.

The Aragon 2000 Series amplifiers feature gold-plated RCA phono jack inputs and insulated five-way binding post outputs for each channel. The clean and contemporary good looks are achieved through the inclusion of a machined aluminum front panel with an engraved Aragon logo and elegant blue LED lighting that perfectly complements the available black or silver finish options. An included dimmer switch allows you to choose full or half brightness, as well as allowing you to completely turn off the LED lighting.


DESIGN 7-ch THX Ultra2 Amplifier
POWER OUPUT 8 200 watts/ch into 8 ohms at less than 0.03% THD (20Hz-20kHz - 3 channels driven)
POWER OUTPUT 4 300 watts/ch into 4 ohms at less than 0.05% THD
10Hz-100kHz +0/-0.5dB
S/N RATIO 106dB A-weighted
DAMPING FACTOR 500 (8 ohms - 50Hz)
POWER CONSUMPTION 130W @ Idle / 1200W Maximum