Aragon 4004


  • 2-channel output
  • Dual toroidal power transformers

Manual: English Manual

Detailed Description

To create one of the world's most acclaimed amplifiers requires more than brute power, it requires refined sound. To achieve that goal requires a no compromise approach to parts selection and circuit design. In the 4004 a quad array transistor package is utilized in the pre-driver stage, yielding matched transistors and equal temperature coefficients. The output transistors are matched to over 30 categories, more stringent than any other audio manufacturer. The 4004 contains dual torodial power transformers, which are annealed in nitrogen. The steel of the transformer core is selected by grain structure. Gold plated connectors from Tiffany are used for the inputs. The output connectors are by Monster Cable. Circuit heat dissipation is by convection via the distinctive "V" notch in the top of the chassis. This unique design allows for proper cooling even when a shelf or component is placed on top of an Aragon amplifier.

A member of the first generation of Aragon branded amplifiers. The 4004 amplifier delivers 200 watts per channel at an 8 ohm load, and doubled to 400 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load. This capability is highlighted in the amplifier's designation as "4004" or "400 watts into 4 ohms".


POWER OUPUT 8 200-watts by 2-channels
POWER OUTPUT 4 400-watts by 2-channels