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about aragon

Aragon is the convergence of art and engineering executed with elegant simplicity.

Aragon components are characterized by:

  • extreme performance
  • authentic reproduction
  • elegant aesthetic
  • reliable construction
  • intuitive operation

From the purity and power of the sound to the feel of the sculpted aluminum chassis, the Aragon experience is unforgettable. Aragon is designed and handcrafted in America and has received international acclaim as the highest quality and finest experience attainable in performance audio.

Starting with the Iridium, our flagship 400W monoblock amplifier, and continuing with the 8008, our 200W dual monoblock amplifier, Aragon products represent a no-compromise, high-value approach to modern entertainment electronics.  


about Indy Audio Labs

Acurus and Aragon are wholly owned brands of Indy Audio Labs.  Aragon was originally founded in 1984 by Mondial Designs and is a high-end option to its critically-acclaimed sister brand, Acurus.

Indy Audio Labs was founded in 2009 by an audio electronics engineer and a physicist who executed a vision for 21st century audio electronics that combine professional-grade audio performance, state-of-the-art control and connectivity, and simplified access to today’s content sources. 

Indy Audio Labs manufactures all of its audio components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies based on its proprietary electronics, mechanical, and software designs. Our technology solutions in high performance audio are completely unique and possess intrinsic rock-solid reliability.