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Son & Image Vol 14 Number 5/6 8008 review


The new Aragon 8008 gets a great preview to readers of Son & Image magazine in volume 14, issue 5/6.  Michel Leroux discusses his initial impressions as he begins testing a unit in his evaluation system.

Go to https://www.son-et-image.com to read the full article from this issue.  

Touching on the highlights, the reviewer was clearly impressed with the design and the external construction quality and connections.  In commenting on overall listening, initial observations revolved around "generous power reserve" and "sound control".  In discussing the 8008's ability to image, the reviewer commented on the "panorama" and "wide stereo" field created by the amp.  He also remarked that the amplifier did not sound "too forward".

Overall, the initial impression "bodes well and leaves us an appetite for more...", particularly as the 28D companion pre-amp becomes available later to pair it with.

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