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What dealers have to say about the new Aragon 8008...

Evolution Audio Video (Agoura Hills, CA)


"Aragon 8008 Amplifier From Indy Audio Labs, Runs Circles Around Most Other Amplifiers

The Aragon 8008 200W Dual Monoblock Amplifier is the flagship 2-channel amp from Indy
Audio Labs not only has bass deeper than Marianas Trench but has detail and openness
throughout whole spectrum. This amp can create a soundstage that exceeds the boundaries of
your room ... speakers totally disappear and you are listening to the closest thing to a
''sonic hologram''. Everything is in the right proportion and in the right place. The
Aragonmakes most other amps sound ''munchkin-like'',  like a Matchbox version of the Indy 500.
The Aragon amplifiers, both the 8008 and the Iridium Monoblocks are fully designed and
handcrafted in America with an elegant sculpted aluminum chassis. All Aragon models
include state of the art network technology called ''E2C'' or enhanced ethernet control.
With E2C, eachAragon appears as a device on the home network and can be controlled and
monitored for convenience and reliability. Using a ''smart phone'' you can power up the
amplifier, mute one or both channels and monitor the temperature of each channel... have
it warmed up and ready to go when you get home after a rough day at the office. 
The reaction I've seen with our customers who have listened to the 8008 driving Gallo
Strada II's has been literally ''jaw dropping''.  Stop by for a listen .... you won't hear
an amplifier and speakers,  you'll hear music!"
Guido's Gab - Aragon Amplifiers, July 19th, 2013