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what our customers are saying...


"I just want you to know that this is the most fantastic amp I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Pure musical bliss."

- Adam A., Aragon 8008 customer

"...beautiful sounding with incredible build quality."

 - Jeffrey, Aragon Iridium customer


"US made quality at reasonable prices with a real warranty. It's a winner. And clearly your customer service is second to none."

- Dave P., Aragon customer


"I am happy with the 8008 day and night"

 - Tony, Aragon 8008mkIII customer


what the professionals are saying...


"I cannot overstate the transformative nature that occurs in an audio system with a well-executed amp like the Aragon 8008."

“Everybody likes a good comeback story. Well, they don’t write them any better than the Aragon 8008 amplifier… its performance is unerringly musical top-to-bottom. And by doubling its 200Wpc (8 ohms) specification into 4 ohms and opting for a dual-mono configuration, the Aragon has the reserves and dynamic headroom to meet the demands of speaker systems that present a difficult load."

"Sonically, the 8008 possesses an almost supernatural degree of tonal and harmonic smoothness, a feature easily observable in orchestral string sections. Each bowed or plucked note seems to glide effortlessly from one to the next. Even during the most dramatic moments of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, violinist Anne Sophie Mutter’s dynamic and aggressive performance possessed a startling smoothness in the way notes seem to pour off the strings.” 

 - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, March 2014


"I’ve got 200-watt Aragon amps on every channel. The thing for me is translation. What I want to do in my home theater is I want to take something I know is the way we made it, to bring it home and sound the same. You know what I mean?”

- Greg Russell, 16 time Academy Award Nominee, re-recording engineer, Sound and Vision Mag, 2013


"We really appreciated the capabilities of the 8008. A truly amazing power amp for that price range. Hits way above that price range! Experience for yourself what many satisfied customers around the world are talking about...Anybody who needs high-power solid-state amplification definitely needs to be looking at this amp, or maybe even its monoblock big brother."

- John Morrison, President, Audio-Video Club of Atlanta 


“In addition to the features and ruggedness Aragon owners have come to expect, the Iridium incorporates thermal management and audio performance enhancements rooted in improvements in modern semiconductor fabrication technology. Further, these new Aragon models boast advanced control and monitoring circuitry that allows Aragon components to be controlled directly via smartphones and mobile devices and to integrate readily with home automation systems and remote monitoring services.” 

- Home Toys, October 2012